Tess - Farmer partner, Airlie Beach QLD

My picture of the struggle in farmer mental health is:
My exposure to farming has been brief to date, however I acknowledge the toll farming can have on mental health. Working in a rural area in the mental health industry as a Psychologist, I have heard the pressures and stressors of farmers managing the overwhelming decisions farm life brings. From daily tasks and finances, to showing up for family when you’re exhausted, there is no doubt that farming is an all-consuming lifestyle. Most of all, the resilience it takes to show up for the farm, and family, when burnout is in full force takes huge amounts of dedication. This selflessness farmers carry through tough times epitomises some of their struggles, both mentally and emotionally.
Some of the glimmer/joyful moments that reflect farmer mental health for me:

Welcome new calves and their rough tongues!

I enjoy helping out on-farm so we can spend quality time together and so I can show that I care.

While farmer mental health has its challenges, there are also huge wins and positives along the way. The lifestyle and reward of working a farm and the memories made through this way of life are priceless. It is good for the soul to be outdoors and surrounded in nature - it is almost a romanticised perspective but it’s true! There are glimmers of moments living on a farm that make the trialling times worth it. Positive reflection, and gratitude are two things that I believe foster strong mental well-being, and can be made easy when looking out over a beautiful landscape at the end of the day with your loved one/s. 

A little more about Tess:

This campaign is amazing to be part of, as it offers people new perspectives of farm life - not just the ‘farmer in the field’ stereotype. I believe this campaign is also a first of its kind, in that women from agricultural backgrounds haven’t often had the platform to share their story and experiences, so the opportunity to do so throughout this campaign is really really great.


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