Lyndall - Farmer spouse and stockhand employee, Brady Creek SA

My picture of the struggle in farmer mental health is:

Struggling with being a mum, working in a physically demanding role and supporting my husband when he struggles with the farm at the same time.

Some of the glimmer/joyful moments that reflect farmer mental health for me:

Overcoming the lows by talking to each other, retaining a sense of humour amidst the hard times and the kids helping us out when needed. Satisfaction knowing you can fix things when it seems so daunting.


A little more about Lyndall:

We produce lambs on our property, I work with poultry, I like fishing, relaxing at home. I feel there is not enough help for people in the country areas for mental health when they are particularly struggling, (lived experience) and feel that if more people could share their struggles others wouldn’t feel so alone in theirs.


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