Katelyn - Apiarist, apiarist's wife and business co-founder, Tamworth NSW

My picture of the struggle in farmer mental health is:

The extreme pressure of simultaneously showing up as the kind of parent I want to be for my kids, while scaling up a rapidly growing agricultural business in the thick of an unpredictable biosecurity crisis with the varroa mite parasite.

Some of the glimmer/joyful moments that reflect farmer mental health for me:

My picture of farmer mental health is having autonomy over how I organise my day - being able to prioritise family time when the kids are awake, and work on our business after hours. We can always be there for important events in our kids’ lives because we choose our working time.

A little more about Katelyn:

Beekeepers in the New England North West region of NSW - Wall's Honey Co. Our products are proudly plastic-free and our environment is at the forefront of our packaging decisions.


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