Bridgitte - Farmer and fashion label founder, Yuna WA

My picture of the struggle in farmer mental health is:
I think as a mother and a wife, we are the heart centre of the family and the farm business. I think we keep everyone propped up in the hard times, are the backbone for the community, often don't have a lot of downtime for ourselves and simply continue on. That weight of caring for everyone can have a big impact on our mental load. It's not that we don't want to do it but we are experiencing compassion fatigue. Taking one step back from our goals to grow a sustainable business for future generations.
Some of the glimmer/joyful moments that reflect farmer mental health for me:

The power of a community. We have very tiny community but it full of passionate people who come together and support one another. Farmer health looks like a bush picnic with the kids and in no rush to do jobs, or a long drive through the farm (croppy). Discussing goals as a family farming business and constantly reviewing, pivoting to progress towards them. Educating people about ag - this probably fills my cup the most :)

A little more about Bridgitte:

I am a farmer with my husband on our broadacre farm. We complete dryland cropping and have livestock too. I am also in the start up phase of a wool athleisure label to connect people to agriculture and educate them as well as celebrate the very underserved rural woman. I am also a qualified Occupational Therapist, I work casually in telehealth and I am incredibly passionate about keeping family farms sustainable in Australia.


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