Alex - Rural advocate, business founder and former station girl, Nairne SA

My picture of the struggle in farmer mental health is:

The tear-streaked, tanned faces of exhausted women who are desperately trying to meet the needs of their partners, kids, businesses and communities, and trying to meet the overwhelming demands of government, industry + society to be more productive, more profitable, more sustainable, more compliant and more tech-savvy with less people, less resources, less infrastructure, less support and less certainty - particularly where climate change / seasonal variation is concerned.

Some of the glimmer/joyful moments that reflect farmer mental health for me:

From an observer’s perspective, the sense of cohesion, compassion and unity that comes when rural women are in a room together.


A little more about Alex:

I am the founder of #PlantASeedForSafety, a rural social change initiative that puts health, safety and wellbeing front of mind, and ultimately, brings people home to their loved ones at the end of each day.

#PlantASeedForSafety is inspired by my journey as a carer for my disabled Dad – my superhero – who has suffered at the hands of drought, Q-fever, Ross River virus, diabetes, heart failure and kidney failure, and who continues to fight for his life.

It’s also inspired by the countless rural women who are relentless in their pursuit for better outcomes for their loved ones, who are steadfast in the battle against stoicism and whose contribution to the sustainability of rural communities is beyond measure.


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